Red Umbrella Holidays Booking Terms

Red Umbrella Holidays welcomes you to its website - that includes mobile & desktop sites along with the mobile application. Any feature available on Red Umbrella Holidays, or all the features are known as the 'Website.'

Our Website helps you with all the travel information to deliver the travel services, including air, hotel, or holiday bookings and transactions for them with travel suppliers available on our website. Red Umbrella Holidays is for non-commercial use, and terms like we, us, our, or 'Red Umbrella Holidays' refer to our company. The terms like 'you' or 'your' refer to the users of Red Umbrella Holidays.

The Website is available for you under the condition that you accept it without modifications in our terms, conditions, or any notices written here. All of them are collectively known as the 'Terms' and the Terms, describe the booking terms and conditions applicable to the services you avail on our Website. It also gives the details of the responsibilities that you have as a user of Red Umbrella Holidays. The terms limit the liabilities of Red Umbrella Holidays and the third-party suppliers listed on our website. The suppliers include the services available on We refer to our third-party suppliers as 'Travel Service Providers', and we recommend you go through and understand the booking conditions mentioned below reserving Red Umbrella Holidays services for flights, hotels, or holidays. We recommend that you check the details of your itinerary and ensure that the information mentioned in your confirmation email is understood by you. You must check our Privacy Policy and understand how you can use our Website and how it is incorporated under the Agreement.

When you use our Website to make a travel booking or reach out to our call center agents, you agree to Agreement terms. All the terms and conditions mentioned here apply to you. In case you have issues with the Terms, you are requested to stop the use of our Website. Red Umbrella Holidays reserves the right to modify and amend the Terms and post the revised terms at any time without giving any prior information. We advise you to keep a check on this page every time you visit the Website. The amended Terms are applicable starting from the date of the post. Our website is intended for the residents of the USA, Canada, and the terms of this Agreement apply to their residents. Under this Agreement, we determine your IP address to know if you are located anywhere in this region. UPON YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS, YOU AGREE TO MANDATORY CLASS ACTION AND WAIVER A CLASS ACTION. The mentioned booking terms are mandatory for all the users, visitors, and customers of Red Umbrella Holidays that has its office located at 448 PRAIRIE KNOLL DR NAPERVILLE, IL 60565. Any references in the booking terms mentions 'booking', 'contracts', or 'arrangements' are for services availed by you.

Use of Red Umbrella Holidays - Website

There are some terms and conditions that you are required to fulfill to use our Website or to book with us. You must guarantee:

● You are 18 or above.

● You have the authority to engage in a legal contract with us.

● Your use of Red Umbrella Holidays will be according to the terms of the Agreement.

● You will make authentic bookings for your personal use or on someone's behalf who has given you the authority to do the same.

● In case you are booking on someone else's behalf, you must make sure that they are aware of the terms of this Agreement.

Additionally, make sure the information that you share with us is up-to-date, true, and right

We hold the right to deny anyone access to our Website or services for valid reasons at our discretion. It includes but is not limited to violation of terms of this Agreement.

Resolution of Disputes

Under this Agreement, you agree that Red Umbrella Holidays will be allowed to resolve a dispute or a claim that arises. It may arise due to the issues with the service provided with us or any issues with our Privacy Policy. You can resolve it by reaching out to our customer care number 1-833-914-2482 or writing to us at If we are unable to resolve the Claims within 60-days, you have the right to seek redress via arbitration.

Governing Laws; Submission to Jurisdiction

The Terms and our rights with the third parties associated with us are under the governing laws of the State of Florida, USA. If not mentioned otherwise, it is decided and agreed upon by both the parties that if a Mandatory Arbitration arises, it will undergo under the jurisdiction of Illinois court. As a user of Red Umbrella Holidays, you give us the consent to decide this under the Terms. You must bring your Claims to our notice within 6-months from the date of the booking made.

Mandatory Arbitration

All the claims filed with us are resolved via arbitration initiated by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). You must declare the Claims on an individual basis in a small claims court in Illinois. If your claims qualify as per the rules of small claims court, they are stated by it. It is inclusive of claims asserted on Red Umbrella Holidays, its subsidiaries, and affiliates. It includes our travel suppliers or companies that are linked to us. It means that for any Claims that arise after you accept the Terms & Conditions, the same will be considered even though the previous version requires changes. Red Umbrella Holidays can also assert claims against you at the small claims court. There will be no judges according to an agreement or the court will be required for a review of the agreement. But being a user of Red Umbrella Holidays, you can be the arbiter and award the same or similar damages including the statutory damages, attorney’s fees, and costs that a court follows to enforce these Terms. You have the choice to conduct the arbitration over the phone or choose to be physically present in the State where our office is located or mutually agreed upon location.

For the process of arbitration, you must send a request letter with all the details of your Claims to our legal team. In case we request arbitration against you, we will provide you with the complete details and a notice at the email address that you shared with us. You should read AAA's instructions available at or call them at 1-631-309-0576 to understand the process better.

If the proceedings aim at resolving the Claims, they will be conducted on an individual basis and not in the form of a class action or a consolidated action. Under any particular circumstances, if a Claim proceeds in court instead of arbitration, we waive your right to a jury trial. Resolution of disputes must resolve the claims stated against Red Umbrella Holidays. Any Claim filed but is not resolved by Resolution of Disputes is qualified as inadequately filed or void.

Travel Information - General

Red Umbrella Holidays provides you with information linked to your itinerary, travel plans, and the related Terms of booking after the booking is complete. It includes the details of the destination, packaged holiday, and the schedule of your flight.

We provide you the information given to us by our third-party suppliers like airlines, tour operators, and other providers. We take the necessary steps to ensure that the information that we shared with you is accurate and up to date. However, if it is not, we have no responsibility or liability in such a case. All the information displayed on our website is subject to change without any prior notice. Also, all our services are subject to availability. As a user of Red Umbrella Holidays and a flyer, you have to understand the legal requirements of traveling. It includes a valid passport, destination-specific visa, health insurance documents, and provides us with the same to complete your booking. We are a service provider for you, and we assist you with the booking process through the desktop or mobile website or our booking team. The final responsibility lies with you to get all the information and to make sure that you take the required documents for travel.

For other Terms of bookings and services availed on Red Umbrella Holidays, you must read all the Terms carefully. When you book a flight with us, make sure that you go through the airline's website terms available on their website. You must abide by all of the airline's terms and conditions. If the flight itinerary has multiple airline suppliers, then please go through the terms and conditions of all the mentioned airlines. The airfare booked is guaranteed after the purchase, and the payment transaction is complete. We issue a ticket after this process is complete and we receive a ticket from the supplier. Sometimes the airlines change their prices without informing us, and these fare changes are not dependent on us. As a travel agency, we have the right to cancel your booking if we do not receive your payment by the allocated time and date. All airlines have a different set of rules on their fee and charges. So in case, your flight is canceled or rescheduled resulting in a change to your other flight on the itinerary, you are responsible for the same. In a scenario like this, you have to bear the cost or buy new tickets for the unchanged flight. Usually, the airline charges a fee to make a change, refund, or exchange. In such a case, the cost is borne by the customer. You must comply with the terms of the airline and there are different rules for different airlines. You must have your outbound and return tickets along with the confirmation email with you during the trip. The authorities may seek proof of your return tickets during check-in. Red Umbrella Holidays recommends that you book a combination of two one-way tickets instead of purchasing one round-trip itinerary.

We recommend it because on booking a combination of two one-way tickets, it is easier to offer better flexibility and choice of flights. The flights are usually cheaper when the booking is on different airlines as compared to when booked on the same airline. The combination of one-way flights is different from the terms of round-trip flights. The one-way flights are subject to their terms and conditions. So if a flight changes in your first way that causes a delay in the other flight, as a customer you will pay the applicable charges. In such a scenario, Red Umbrella Holidays has no responsibility or liability. The prices for low-cost carriers are usually converted from a different currency to USD for your convenience. As a result, you have to pay the converted charges that are the estimated (and not exact) value of the ticket purchased. So you might observe the amount paid is different due to currency fluctuation. On receiving your e-tickets, you might have to pay an additional fee on your credit card as a transaction fee because you paid us in a different currency or country. On making an international purchase, there are taxes levied by your bank.

Red Umbrella Holidays TERMS & CONDITIONS – FLIGHTS

International Travel(s)

When you go for international travel, the provisions of the Montreal Convention apply to the departure and destination countries. The Convention limits the liability of the airline supplier that may result in death or any personal injury to the passengers. As a passenger, you have to ensure that you have all the documents needed to enter into the foreign land including a passport, visa (business, tourist, or transit). You can be asked to present these documents at any time. To visit a foreign land, several responsibilities need to be met, and we are not responsible if you fail to accomplish them. You must check all the prohibitions, warnings, and announcements issued by the government before reaching the destination country.

Visa and Passport

Please ensure that you consult the designated Embassy and confirm the details of visa and passport information before traveling. Our agents may suggest the requirements they may change at any time, so please stay updated with the information from the Embassy before confirming your bookings with us. Red Umbrella Holidays cannot be held responsible if the authorities do not allow you to travel on the flight because they did not provide the required travel documents. The airport authorities, the airline including the transit airport's authorities can ask for the documents at any point and you must present them. It includes a stop made by the aircraft even if you have not left the premises of the airport.


Take the necessary vaccinations to travel to a particular country. The required or suggested vaccines may change at any time, so keep a check on the updated information. Please consult a doctor before your departure and make sure that you adhere to all the health requirements and take the necessary vaccination, medication, and right medical procedure for a successful journey.


Several airlines have the authority and right to disinfect the aircraft if they perceive a doubt of threat to public health or the environment. The disinfectants that are used have been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the International Civil Aviation Organization and includes:

1. They are allowed to spray aerosolized insecticide while the passengers are on the board.

2. They are allowed to treat aircraft surfaces with residual insecticide before the passenger board.

When Red Umbrella Holidays books the travel for you to an international destination, it does not imply that we represent the country or guarantee that it is safe to travel with no risks involved. We are not liable for the damage or loss faced by you as a result of traveling to a destination.

Airline Baggage Policies

The airlines have different policies for baggage allowance, fees, and restrictions. We try our best to display the current baggage allowance policy and follow the airline's website to extract the baggage details but we cannot guarantee that the information is correct. We recommend you verify these details on the airline's website directly or call them before your scheduled departure. Also, the baggage fee is not included in the trip cost, unless stated otherwise.


Different airlines have different check-in rules. You should have the updated details regarding the same and verify the check-in process' requirements before confirming the booking. Red Umbrella Holidays suggests that you usually should follow the below-mentioned schedule:

For domestic flights, take a minimum of 90 minutes buffer time before the scheduled departure.

For international flights, a minimum buffer of 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Airline Schedule Change

Often there are changes in the flight schedule that may occur due to reasons like mechanical or crew issues, bad weather, or civil unrest. It includes the changes to the original flight, a direct one to a one-stop, or a connecting flight. In such cases, the changes are made by the airline. Red Umbrella Holidays has no responsibility for the same.

If the schedule change includes a cancelation, then we inform our customers by calling them along with an email. This email entails all the details of the available options to choose from depending upon the airlines' guidelines. In a few cases, the airline doesn't inform us of the changes in advance. Hence, you must reach out to their customer service directly and confirm your flight schedule. You are advised to make this call at least 72-hours before the departure and protect yourself against a missed flight. If the schedule changes, the airline gives you the available recourse. In this, the final authority to provide an alternative flight option lies with them. After you check-in for the flight, it becomes the airline's responsibility to handle your bookings. So, any cancelations, delays, change of schedule, or rebooking is done directly by the airline. Red Umbrella Holidays will only provide you with the guidance of the procedure, and the final recourse is taken by the airline. If you are not aware of the updated schedule change, or cancelation 24-hour before the departure time, or you have already reached the airport, we think you should coordinate with the airline staff and know your available options. In such a time, the airline is your best information source and will give you the best advice. In bad weather, you have very limited options as a recourse.

Overbooking of Flights

Sometimes a flight might be overbooked, and to rectify the same, different airlines have different rules. To know more about the airline's contract of carriage, you may reach out to Red Umbrella Holidays travel experts or the airline directly, and they will help you with further details.


The airfares mentioned on are subject to change without prior notice. The airfare offered by us is guaranteed only after you have purchased and received the e-tickets from us, and we have issued you a PNR. The airfares fluctuate without providing us with any advance information. After the payment details are submitted, we will share a Booking Confirmation email. It includes your booking reference number, your travel itinerary, PNR number, and your e-ticket. If you do not receive the confirmation email then that implies that your booking is not complete.

We inform you in case of a price change and then make the bookings. Under no circumstances you will be asked to pay extra once we have issued your ticket to you. The prices quoted on Red Umbrella Holidays are in USD or CAD. We have the right to cancel your bookings if we do not receive the complete payment within the suggested time frame. The mentioned segments in the confirmation email are used completely as on the flight segment. If you use your tickets improperly, your trip may get canceled.

Cancelations and Refunds

Any bookings made on Red Umbrella Holidays are non-refundable until specified otherwise. If you want to cancel the bookings, call us at our customer care desk, and we will be happy to help you with the process. For a refundable cancelation, an administrative cancelation fee will be charged as per the charges mentioned in our Post-ticketing Fee and other charges by the airline or other travel service providers.

According to the airline's rules, if the cancelation request is raised within 4-hours of booking then you can claim a full refund. In this case, the amount will be credited to your original mode of payment. For some US airlines, you should book your tickets at least a week before flight departure to cancel and receive a refund. The process of your refund request is subject to the airline's rules and procedures. We process your refund after the airline approves the refund request. Once approved, we will send it back to your original payment method. After initiating your cancelation request, we begin the process by sending an email confirmation informing you that your request is in progress. To initiate the process, we deduct the service fee levied to the booking and transfer the balance amount. As we are a travel agency, we depend on the suppliers who will process the refund. After we receive the amount from the supplier, we take some time to process the refund, and further, it may take some time to reflect on your credit card. The complete process may take up to 60-90 days from the day we received the cancelation request.

Important Note: The service fee is added to the taxes, and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES MADE IN OUR SERVICE FEE. You must review the final booking amount carefully and then confirm the final bookings. We will not be held responsible for your inability to do so.

Contact Center Booking Service Fee

When you book through the Red Umbrella Holidays contact center which may be a complex multi/stop and roundtrip booking, a service fee higher than our online booking fee is applicable. The service fee ranges from $10 to $200 per passenger by our agents.

Important Note: Service fee is included in the taxes, and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES MADE IN OUR SERVICE FEE. Please review the final booking amount carefully before confirming the final bookings.

Payment and Flight Information with Confirmation

Credit card companies usually charge a fee to make an international transaction. It is called 'International Transaction'. It will be displayed on your credit card statement in your local currency and that is why you may see a difference in the billing amount as compared to the amount reflected on the payment page. When you book with Red Umbrella Holidays, please consider making the booking with a card having international validity as we will transfer your payment to our suppliers. After the transaction is done, your credit card company decides the current exchange rate and levies the transaction fee accordingly. In case you experience any discrepancies, please reach out to the bank and question them about the fee and the exchange rate charged on your transactions. Red Umbrella Holidays has no responsibility for the same.

Unaccompanied Minors

We have a policy to not allow an unaccompanied minor to make a reservation on Red Umbrella Holidays. We consider an individual under the age of 16 as a minor. All the airlines have a different set of policies for minors, and some airlines do not allow them to fly without adult supervision. Some airlines allow them to fly but the only offered option is to travel via non-stop flights. Some airlines charge an extra fee at the check-in counter to allow an unaccompanied minor to board the flight. For more details, you are requested to get in touch with the airline and confirm their policies for unaccompanied minors.

Credit Card Chargeback

You can dispute the travel charges levied with your credit card company. For any queries regarding a charge applied, we request you to reach out to Red Umbrella Holidays first and then dispute the claim with your credit card company. Post receiving our response with a resolution, and if we clear the disputed charges; you can ask your credit card company. In case the disputed chargeback request is incorrectly filed, Red Umbrella Holidays can cancel your bookings as a remedy.

When choosing us as your Service Providers, you accept and agree with our cancelation policy. Our special offers, discounts, coupon codes, etc used to make the booking are not eligible in the cancelation policy. A chargeback is applicable if there is an improper charge. Our team has the right to investigate the claims and recover the cost of an incorrect claim. To verify the claims filed, we can make use of our call recordings including the service call made by us to dispute the claim.



The terms and conditions of the holiday package offered by RedUmbrella Holidays are subject to change at any time and without notice. Any changes to the RedUmbrella Holidays Holiday Package terms and conditions will be effective as of the day they are posted on this website. The amended Terms and Conditions, which contain the following information about change and cancellation, will take precedence over any previously published and incompatible relevant rules and Terms and conditions for any individual travel product included in the Holiday Package. The terms and conditions about travel packages, airline tickets, lodging, vehicle rentals, and other services and activities will all be complementary in any given area.

Your booking is additionally subject to the specific terms and restrictions of the applicable Travel Service Provider, as indicated in the Terms & and restrictions. Usually, the service provider's website has these available. Whenever feasible, we will send you a link to these terms after you check out with your reservation.

RedUmbrella Holidays disclaims all liability for any errors or inaccuracies on the website or for the actions of any third parties (Travel Service Providers), which may include but are not limited to, rental car agencies, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, railroads, tour operators, consolidators, providers of activity services, providers of travel assistance, and providers of insurance.

RedUmbrella Holidays offers travel management services but makes no warranties or representations regarding the quality of the products or services supplied by outside vendors, their solvency, or their capacity to reimburse you for any damages resulting from the insolvency of those vendors.

RedUmbrella Holidays makes no representations about the quality, dependability, or insurance of any products or services offered by an outside service provider, their financial standing, or their promise to pay you back for any losses you may suffer as a result of that service provider's financial instability while it is offering travel management services. We disclaim all liability for the conduct of any travel service providers you may purchase services from through this website, including but not limited to airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, railroads, car rental companies, trip consolidators, Holiday Packages, activity providers, travel assistance service providers, and insurance providers.


Prices and availability do not apply to individual components; they only apply to the purchase of the complete Holiday Package. RedUmbrella Holidays is unable to give you a detailed explanation of the costs associated with each item in your Holiday Package reservation due to contractual limitations. $50 per passenger, per ticket for flights, $40 per room, per night for hotel reservations, and up to $40 for car rental reservations are the service fees charged by RedUmbrella Holidays on new reservations.

All taxes and costs for the holiday package, which includes travel, lodging, car rental, and activities, are included in the pricing displayed. On the other hand, you could have to pay any applicable service surcharges in addition to any extra money for fuel, security, luggage, seat reservations, incidental lodging, and other costs. Any additional costs levied by the travel service provider are your responsibility alone; please get in touch with them right away if you have any questions about these charges. Additionally, entry and exit taxes may be imposed by the government depending on where you are going; they are the full responsibility of the visitor.

The prices do not include gas, child safety seats, sky racks, drop-off fees, liability insurance, collision damage waiver, personal effects protection, or incidental hotel room costs. At the time of rental car pickup or the hotel check-in counter, all of these fees must be paid.

Full payment with a working credit card is needed at the time of reservation. All major credit cards are accepted by RedUmbrella Holidays, provided that the billing address is confirmed to be in the United States or Canada. You permit RedUmbrella Holidays and its authorized third-party partners to charge the full price of the Holiday Package that you have reserved to your credit card.

To be picked up by a rental car company or to check into a hotel, travel service providers require you to present a valid credit card. This is to ensure that the authorized card is used and/or to collect any overages that might be assessed by their component policy. The passenger named on the reservation must typically be the cardholder. Furthermore, some travel agencies might not take debit cards. Verify with the travel service provider before you arrive.


The terms and conditions may still be applicable if our "Self-transfer Package" is included on your airline ticket. Purchasing an airline ticket with our "Self-transfer Package" signifies your agreement to abide by their terms and restrictions. They outline the contents of the guarantee and the steps you must take to take advantage of it, therefore it is imperative that you carefully read them.

Make sure the time allotted for the transfer or making your connecting flight meets your needs before buying a ticket that includes our "Self-transfer Package." Should you have any questions about whether our "Self-transfer Package" is included with your flight ticket, please get in touch with our customer service representatives right away.


RedUmbrella Holidays strongly advises getting travel insurance since it may help with some changes and cancellation fees. If your vacation schedule changes, you might need to adjust your insurance coverage. If your plans change, please contact your travel insurance provider to make sure the coverage outlined in your policy is sufficient. Send an email to to get in touch with a RedUmbrella Holidays customer service agent for additional information.


For details on how to change or cancel your reservation, please see the terms and conditions of the relevant service provider. It is important to remember that during the booking process, we may have given you information regarding your rights, which is included in these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions of the relevant travel service provider will often be applicable if they change or cancel your reservation. Kindly get in touch with us directly, and we will help as part of our customer support services.


The information regarding the hotels listed on Red Umbrella Holidays regarding their amenities and services are shared with us by the supplier. We have no responsibility for the changes that happen as a result of an old or misrepresenting that the supplier provided us. Special requests like a smoking/ non-smoking room or a lake-view/ garden view, etc. are not guaranteed. They are considered as a request and are dependent on availability and first-cum first-serve basis. Most of the hotels honor these requests but Red Umbrella Holidays cannot guarantee it.

Some tariffs are quoted under special membership programs like Corporate, government, AAA, or ARP. Offers under these rates will require the designated members of the program to be available at the time of check-in and prove eligibility. Hotels are not under an obligation to honor the special offers and tariffs if you fail to qualify for them or do not have the correct documents as identification proof. Red Umbrella Holidays or the hotel supplier will not issue a refund if the room is unused or for the nights that you did not avail due to early check-out. A few hotels offer the service of the airport shuttle. If you want to avail of it, reach out to the hotel directly and confirm with them along with the price details. Some hotels have an offer for a Booking Bonus for services like tours, breakfast, and more that are free of cost. You can check with them to avail of their services as they are under the hotel's policy.

Pet Policy:

When traveling with your pet, check with the hotel and confirm their pet policy. We, at Red Umbrella Holidays, have no responsibility for the pet policy at the hotel and the fee or the restrictions towards pets. The hotels have different policies applicable for different types, sizes, and breeds of the pet.

Prepaid Reservations:

The prepaid reservations are charged on your credit or debit card at the time of booking. This charge includes the base amount for the room reservation. But it does not include any cleaning fee, resort fee, energy surcharges, or minibar charges. The additional charges like meals, movies, games, parking, or a phone call are applied to incidentals on a regular basis during your stay.

Pre-Paid Booking Vouchers:

Your hotels may ask you for a booking voucher at the time of check-in. Red Umbrella Holidays provides you with a voucher to share at the hotel. You will get your hotel confirmation and booking vouchers in the same email. You are required to carry a printed copy of the same with you at the time of check-in.


We make meal arrangements as per your selections at the time of booking. If you book a hotel that offers all the meals and you purchase the service at the time of booking, you will receive all the meals. Alternatively, you may opt for accommodation that offers the option to cook yourself or arrange your meals.

Meal types (board-basis) & their abbreviations:

Room Only (RO): Meals are not in the booking price paid for the accommodation.

Self-Catering (SC): Meals are not in the booking price paid. But you may self-cater and cook your meals on your own.

Bed & Breakfast (B&B): The breakfast is at the booking price paid by you.

Half Board (HB): The breakfast with an evening meal is in the booking amount paid by you. You have the option to opt for lunch and replace breakfast in this option. The hotel confirms availability post-arrival.

Full Board (FB): All the meals including the breakfast, lunch, and evening meals are in the booking amount paid by you.

All-Inclusive (AI): All the meals along with the locally produced drinks are in the package. You may enjoy the entertainment facilities and some non-motorized water sports being offered by the hotel.

You are a no-show if you do not show at the hotel check-in desk without prior information. In case you do not check in on the reservation made, please contact the hotel directly. After contacting them, it is up to them if they penalize you or forfeit your booking amount.

Hotel Confirmation:

It takes up to 24 hours to issue a hotel voucher and confirm your booking request. The booking is initiated after you complete your booking transaction on Red Umbrella Holidays. Post receiving the confirmation email, our booking experts begin the reservation process with the hotel. Then they share the hotel vouchers after receiving them from the hotel. All the details regarding your hotel booking along with the booking reference number, your booking itinerary, and the additional services you have booked with us are present in our booking confirmation email. In case you do not receive the confirmation email from us, reach out to us at We highly recommend that you call the hotel and confirm your bookings 24-hours before the scheduled check-in time. We do not share your details with the hotel before 72-hours of check-in time. However, your reservation is secure and guaranteed once you receive our final confirmation along with the booking voucher. We recommend that you call the hotel check-in desk 48 hours before your arrival to confirm the details.

Hotel Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

For any changes or cancellations, you should contact us at our customer care number. We understand that sometimes the plans change, and you might have to cancel. So we listed the policies that apply in such cases:

• In case of high demand or a peak season like during the Super Bowl, Olympics, or Christmas and New Years' Eve. At this time the policies change. You must contact the hotel and ask for the reformed policies and details if you are booking during these times.

• To request a cancellation or modification in your booking is subject to availability. Upon cancelation, Red Umbrella Holidays levies its cancelation charges added to hotel charges according to its cancelation policy.

• No hotel will offer credits for unused rooms or reduced stay days due to early departure.

• For an extended stay, you are required to make a new reservation. The tariff for the new booking cannot be guaranteed as the original booking rate.

• Any refunds issued in case of an early departure or a no-show are on Red Umbrella Holidays and supplier's discretion.

• We are eligible to ask you to cover the charges for all the probable losses or costs and damage with the expenses incurred by us due to a cancellation made by you.

You must call Red Umbrella Holidays in case you face any issues in check-in or check out.

Payment, Taxes, and Fees

To facilitate your hotel bookings, your credit/ debit card may be charged with taxes & fees. The charges are for an approximate amount required to recover the price that we paid to the hotel to get a confirmed booking. Taxes owed by the hotel without any limitations are sales, occupancy, room tax, and VAT. Some destinations and cities impose a government tax that cannot be directly paid to the authorities and must be collected by the hotel to pay to the government. It varies from the amount charged to you. We retain the balance of taxes and fees as compensation to serve you, and our profit on making the booking for you. For any new reservations, we charge a booking service fee - up to $35 depending upon the hotel category.

Hotel Rating Service Fee
> 2 ** $20
3*** $25
4 **** $30
5 ***** $35

For any changes or cancellations, or refunds of a hotel reservation, the service fee of Red Umbrella Holidays will remain non-refundable along with charges applicable by the hotel as a penalty fee for cancellation as per their policy.

We do not collect or remit taxes that are paid to the taxing authorities. The listed suppliers are the vendors, and they apply the taxes that are billed to us and paid to them directly from your booking payment. We are not the co-vendors or have an association with them although we reserve your bookings with them. The taxes levied by us change depending on the destination of the booking made. For a hotel located in a certain jurisdiction, we charge your credit/ debit card with taxes required to be collected and remitted to the location's jurisdiction as taxes owed on the amount we retain for providing our services.

Currency conversion is in approximate exchange rates, and while booking for you, it is used as an approximate parameter and not the exact amount. The tax rates are also dependent on room charges. The hotel collects payments on per night per room basis; and is accessible by the guests regularly. The incidentals include meals, parking, movies, games, and phone calls.

Source of Inventory

As a booking agent, we do not have the responsibility for errors except for an error made by our travel experts. The Terms & Conditions are under US law. Unless the hotel supplier states otherwise, the contract is governed by the law of the place where you avail of the services, else the US law prevails if a dispute arises. In such a case, you will deal with the Illinois Court according to the Terms of this Agreement in the Illinois Court.

Cancelation of Hotel and Its Terms

To request a cancelation or alteration in the booking made, you can write to us at The request will only be considered if we receive an email stating your request, and then only we will initiate the process. After you accept the mentioned Cancelation Terms & Conditions mentioned in this Agreement. In case you have booked a non-refundable hotel, our sales agent will inform you when they are booking for you.

Intellectual Property, our software, the design, the graphics, layout, and content published on it are owned or licensed by Red Umbrella Holidays. As a visitor of the website, we are allowing you to view or read the content via a browser. Any other use of all these aspects like making a copy, selling, distributing, reposting, modifying, or reusing is strictly prohibited.

If you attempt to do any of the activities mentioned above, it is a breach of the Agreement, and we will have to ban you from using our Website. The right, license, and permission to use our Intellectual Property lie only with us.

Prohibited Activity

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RedUmbrella Holidays is thankful for your ongoing confidence in us. In keeping with that, below are the important particulars you should review when reserving a car via our app or website.

Fees and Taxes:

In accordance with US regulations, we charge a Value Added Tax (VAT) of 14.5% on our car rentals as applicable. Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions and visit our Taxes and Fees page for more information.

Age Restrictions:

● The minimum age required to reserve a rental car with us is 19 years. In the same way, particular limitations might apply depending on the type of car selected.

● Young driver surcharge may apply to drivers under the age of 25.

● Young driver surcharge will be charged for rentals starting in Maui, Newark, and Vernal, where the minimum age is 21.

Additional Driver:

With the renter's permission, another person or people may drive the rental car. In this scenario, the renter bears full responsibility for any issues and damages that may arise. Depending on the car category and rental policies, additional drivers may be subject to certain add-on fees.

Driving Licence:

The driver's license needs to be valid for at least 1 year from the date of the car rental booking. At the time of rental, all renters must show a valid driver's license (passport and driver's license from another country or the United States accompanied by both).

International Renters:

International renters are defined as those whose primary address is located outside of the United States. The address on the renter's valid driver's license will be used to determine where they primarily reside. RedUmbrella Holidays maintains the right to impose rules that are unique to international renters and do not apply to US nationals. Foreign renters must fulfill all of the prerequisites before picking up their rental:

● A valid driver's license from the nation of origin.

● A valid passport with the same name as the driver's license is necessary.

● When renting a vehicle, it is required to have a working phone number available in case of an emergency.

Cash Rental Deposit:

Depending on the type of car selected, a car rental deposit might be required as a precaution. Please refer to the booking details before reserving your rental car on RedUmbrella Holidays for additional information.

Accepted Cards:

Accepted credit cards include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Debit cards as well as major prepaid cards. Before making a reservation, carefully read our Terms and Conditions for accurate information on the cards that are accepted.

Vehicle Display and Availability:

The cars that are shown for each car class on the RedUmbrella Holidays website or any of its partner websites are merely samples of the kinds of cars that can be rented. We are unable to guarantee the availability of any particular car when it comes time to pick it up. This is exclusively because of changes in the fleet, availability, location, timing, or other similar elements.


According to applicable US law, a number of insurances, such as RSA, Rental Liability Insurance, Supplemental Liability Insurance, and Deductible Loss Damage, may be assessed. Please review the booking details to obtain specific information on insurance policies before renting a car.

Mexico Insurance: RedUmbrella Holidays makes it possible for you to get car protection while visiting Mexico. Insurance for Mexico must be obtained prior to travel. Only those Mexican states and cities closest to the borders with Arizona and California are eligible for this insurance coverage. For a full day, rates begin at $31.00 plus taxes. It is not allowed for any other cars to enter Mexico. Moreover, Mexico insurance does not cover car rentals from Vernal, Newark, or Maui.

One-Way Rentals:

Depending on the type of car, availability, and relevant laws and regulations, one-way rentals are only offered at a few designated locations. Only intrastate travel within the state of Florida is permitted for one-way car rentals that start in Florida. The cost of a one-way rental drop varies according to the local laws and policies that apply.

● Rentals from Newark to JFK Airport are offered in one way, but there will be a drop fee.

● Rentals going from Maui to Vernal might not be offered the one-way option.

Before making a reservation, please ask our booking representative about all applicable fees and availability.


Unless otherwise specified, all fees—including taxes, service fees, surcharges, and car rental costs—are non-refundable. You will forfeit your entire deposit if you need to cancel your car rental reservation.

You will need to present the credit card or debit card that you used to make your car rental reservation when you pick it up. You must complete your reservation at the location of pick-up, and we might waive the cancellation fee if the card you used to book your car rental is lost, stolen, or replaced by the card issuer and cannot be shown at the time of rental.

Reservations and Changes:

Reservations for RedUmbrella Holidays car rentals are not refundable. If any changes are required, kindly cancel and rebook your rental car on RedUmbrella Holidays.

If you make any changes to the pick-up or drop-off dates or location for a RedUmbrella Holidays car rental, the original reservation will be canceled and a new one will be made at the current rental rates.

Depending on the selected car category, availability, and other similar factors, optional products (insurance coverage, car seats, GPS, etc.) may be added to or canceled without incurring additional surcharges.

RedUmbrella Holidays Car Rentals are governed by all RedUmbrella Holidays Terms and Conditions as well as the specific rental guidelines of the associated suppliers. This covers returns made early or late, extensions, and reservations made by third parties not made through the RedUmbrella Holidays app or website.

Other Services:

Child Safety Seats: By state law, children who are eight years old and under and/or who weigh less than eighty pounds must use a child restraint system in California. In the same way, children under five in Arizona need to be buckled up in child safety seats. Drivers with kids have to abide by the state's and the city's current child passenger safety regulations. Rentals based in Vernal do not offer child safety seats.

RedUmbrella Holidays disclaims all liability for any assumptions that might result from neglecting to abide by the necessary rules and regulations regarding child safety.

Restriction of Use:

Geographic car rentals are only good in the following states: Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Only driving within the state of Florida is permitted for car rentals that originate in Florida.

Car rentals originating in the state of Texas can only be driven in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Car rentals originating in the state of Illinois can only be driven in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, and Kentucky.

You can drive rental cars into Canada from the state of New Jersey. However, it takes a passport to enter Canada. Drivers with Canadian passports are prohibited from driving rental cars into and out of Canada by customs and excise laws.

You can only drive rental cars from Maui on public roads.

Only within the state of Utah may one drive a rental car from Vernal, Utah. Outside of Utah, travel is allowed with prior authorization. There is a 300 mile daily limit on mileage when driving outside of Utah, and each additional mile costs $0.25.

You can drive a car rental from RedUmbrella Holidays into Mexico, but only if you have Mexico insurance. For more details, refer to the section above on Mexico insurance.

You are only allowed to drive into British Columbia and Canada with a rental car from Washington. It is forbidden in every other province.

When visiting Mexico, RedUmbrella Holidays car rentals are only allowed in the states and cities closest to the borders of California and Arizona as long as Mexico Insurance is obtained. For a list of the approved coverage areas, please refer to the Mexico Insurance section.

Note: You cannot enter Mexico with a car that you rented in Vernal, Newark, or Maui.

RedUmbrella Holidays TERMS & CONDITIONS – CRUISE


Unless otherwise specified, all prices are per person, in US dollars, and based on double occupancy. They do not include government fees, taxes, port charges, or airfare. There is a $35* non-refundable processing fee per booking; this is not included in the pricing. The cruise company reserves the right to charge a fuel surcharge, which is not included in the listed price and must be paid prior to departure. Before boarding, special-rate passengers must present a government-issued ID (passport, birth certificate, or driver's license) proving their address or age. Although the website makes every effort to present complete information, it cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions in content or pricing. The ship, stateroom, departure date, and departure city determine the exact price.

Upgrades and offers are limited, subject to availability, and can be withdrawn at any time. A coupon code or promotion that is currently in effect only applies to the $35 RedUmbrella Holidays service fee. They cover specific days, vessels, itineraries, and stateroom types. Reservations made over the phone with credit cards are possible, but they are limited and require conversion to US dollars. Upgrades are subject to capacity limits and cannot be combined with group pricing or other promotions. Any information may change at any time without prior notice.

Days Prior To Start Date Cancellation Fee (Per Person)
91+ days $150
61 - 90 days $300
46 - 60 days 50% of the fare deposit
31 - 45 days 75% of the fare deposit
0 - 30 days 100% of the fare deposit

Please review the balance amount and due date on your booking confirmation email to ensure you pay by the deadline. If the remaining balance is not paid on time, there may be late payment penalties, and/or the reservation may be cancelled.


Before making a reservation, you must confirm and verify the passenger names you provide on RedUmbrella Holidays. You have to make sure that everything matches, including the spelling of your first, middle, and last names on your passport or other official documents. If you require any changes to the booking information, you may be subject to additional fees from both the cruise line and operator. Contact us as soon as you can to apply any changes to your reservation.


The cruise lines' policies govern the amount of baggage allowed. Please visit the relevant cruise line's website for the most up-to-date information. If baggage allowances change, RedUmbrella Holidays is not obligated to give you updated information. You are entirely liable for checking the website of the cruise line or operator you have a reservation with for any updates regarding baggage terms. Please be advised that there is a limit to the quantity of luggage you can bring on a cruise. Before making a reservation, please carefully read the baggage allowance policy of the cruise line.


For any questions you may have regarding special meals, medical concerns, or traveling with a baby, please contact our Cruise Experts by phone at 1-833-914-2482 or via email at Our cruise specialists are available to talk with you about your requirements and answer any queries you might have about your specifications. They will directly inform the cruise line of your special requirements.


Refundable rates apply to the deposit amount paid for the cruise booking. This must be duly paid before the deadline. This deposit amount does not include processing fees. This promotion is not applicable to charter sailings or group reservations made under contract. Instead of contacting the cruise provider, get in contact with RedUmbrella Holidays to change or cancel a reservation. There might be no partial or complete refund for the cruise. The number of passengers in the reserved cruise package cannot be changed once the booking is confirmed. Unless otherwise specified, there is a service charge imposed by RedUmbrella Holidays and a cancellation fee charged by the cruise provider when canceling a cruise package. After the trip has commenced, changes can't be accepted.