Cookie Policy

The types of cookies used on our websites and applications are outlined in this cookie policy. The definitions provided in our Privacy Policy will apply to all capitalized phrases that are not defined below.

What are cookies?

When you visit a website, a web server places a tiny text file called a cookie on your computer or mobile device. It makes it possible for the website to remember your choices and behaviors, including language, font size, and login information. When using the website again in the future, this enables enhanced functionality and a better user experience. Cookies can also be utilized for marketing and analytics. For example, creating traffic analytics, tracking site visits, or retargeting users with ads.

Types of cookies and how we use them:

On RedUmbrella Holidays, we may use the following types of cookies:

● 1st Party Cookies: These types of cookies are set by RedUmbrella Holidays for users on its website.

● 3rd Party Cookies: These types of cookies are set by our external and third-party partners.

Session Cookies:

Temporary cookies called "session cookies" are stored on your device until you close your web browser. RedUmbrella Holidays needs a large number of session cookies in order to run properly. You can utilize the search and booking features, explore all of our web pages, and much more with the help of these cookies.

Persistent Cookies:

Cookies classified as “persistent cookies” stay on your device for a longer duration or until you explicitly delete them. The kind of cookie that is used usually depends on the settings and preferences of your web browser. When you visit the RedUmbrella Holidays website, persistent cookies enable us to identify you as a past visitor or repeat user. This facilitates easier and more seamless access to the website's functions. For example, you might not need to enter your login details each time you access the page. In addition, RedUmbrella Holidays can identify users, monitor their browsing patterns, and store other data necessary for providing its services.

Strictly Necessary Cookies:

These cookies are essential in order for the RedUmbrella Holidays website to function properly and guarantee that you can always access all of our services. This could contain details about how to use the website's forms, load balancing, page navigation, login features, and more.

Performance Cookies:

The website can track and analyze metrics like visit count, most-to-least popular pages, and traffic sources, among others, due to performance cookies. This aids in improving our website's functionality and user experience.

Functional Cookies:

Our website can provide enhanced features and functionality based on your choices and previous visits by using functional cookies. This could include details such as your preferred language, booking preferences, login information, and user settings.

Advertising Cookies:

By using advertising cookies, we make sure that you only see ads on RedUmbrella Holidays and other affiliated websites that are relevant to your browsing experience. These cookies essentially aid in the creation and analysis of our marketing campaigns, restrict the frequency of advertisements you see, and carry out other related advertising procedures.

Analytics and Personalization Cookies:

We can better understand how you use and access our services when you visit our website by using analytics and customization cookies. This is necessary to ensure a smooth and optimized internet experience for you. For instance, if you are a current client, we might gather data about your past searches and bookings in order to present you with offers, specials, and personalized travel itineraries that are supported by data.

Social Media Cookies:

Social media cookies are typically used by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other third-party social media services to enable you to like, share, comment on, and engage with our content.

Managing and controlling your cookies

We use both first-party and third-party cookies to enhance functionality and personalize your experience, but we also have a number of safeguards in place to keep you in control. We might use additional third-party platforms to meet your specific interests and preferences, and we might share certain information with them based on how you use and interact with our website. Typically, these third-party suppliers provide us with focused ads and in-depth data.

Additionally, you have the option to opt out from receiving behavioral or targeted adverts from a number of third-party providers. Moreover, you can modify your browser settings and configure your cookie preferences. The saved cookie data can also be manually deleted. However, deleting your cookie data may prevent you from accessing certain essential features on our website.

Note: You agree to our Cookies Policy by using our services and browsing our website. Please see our website's Privacy Policy page for more details on how we use personal data and how you may modify your privacy settings.