Car Rental - Damage Management Policy

What occurs if you damage the car while it's being rented?

Our renters generally drive defensively, and accidents don't happen very often. Thus, rather than being the norm, so car damage is the exception rather than the rule. But it's important to consider how we're going to deal with the damage if it happens.

To help you understand the cost you will be charged for any damage you do to the car while renting it, RedUmbrella Holidays has developed a clear damage management policy. Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions for more details.

You may not be fully liable.

Your liability for the damage may be limited or nonexistent, depending on the type of rental protection you purchased. Please carefully read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Types of Damage

The cost of damages will change based on the type of damage.

"Light Damage" includes any minor harm done to the car as well as any misplacement, theft, or harm done to the car's accessories, papers, or keys, as appropriate. Any minor dents, chips, or scratches to any part of the car are considered light damage.

"Tyre Replacement" describes any damage to the tires that requires a new tire to be installed on the car.

"Total Loss" describes a situation in which we determine that the vehicle's damage has become too great to be repaired, or that doing so would be not feasible or impossible.

"Serious Damage" describes any damage to the car other than minor dents, tire replacements, or total loss.


When you bring the car back to us, we examine it in front of you.

We will send you an invoice detailing the necessary charges if light damage is found, and you sign the vehicle's statement of return indicating your acceptance and consent to the damage. As per our policies, a Light Damage Administration Charge will be included in these expenses.

We will have the damage examined and provide you with the following documents if we find significant damage or believe the car may be a total loss and you sign the statement of return voluntarily acknowledging and agreeing to this degree of damage.

Vehicle return statement with damage details include:

  • Images of the damage that occurred
  • An invoice outlining all applicable fees will be provided, along with (i) an engineer's charge for evaluating the damage, excluding tyre and windscreen damage, and (ii) a charge for our loss of use of the vehicle as a result of its immobilization. The fees will include either a Serious Damage Administration Charge or a Tyre or Windscreen Damage Administration Charge, depending on the nature of the damage.
  • The costs of the Light Damage Administration Charge, Serious Damage, Tyre or Windscreen Damage Administration Charges, and Engineer's Charge are specified at the time of booking. Please carefully read our terms and conditions for more details.


After you complete your rental and leave, we will inspect the car and if we then find any damage, we will provide you with the following documentation alongside the vehicle return statement:

  • Images of the damage that occurred
  • The invoice with a breakdown of the costs involved. It will include an administration charge (either the Serious, Tyre, or Windscreen Damage Administration Charges for Serious Damage, depending on which one applies). If the damage is serious or total, it will also include an engineer's charge for assessing the damage (unless it's Tyre or Windscreen Damage), as well as a charge for our loss of use of the vehicle.


Within 14 days of receiving the documentation, please send us an email or notification if you have any questions about the identified damage or the associated charges. We may send you an invoice for the required fees if we don't hear from you after the first 14 days.

Please contact our customer service agent at or give us a call at 1-833-914-2482 if you have any questions concerning your car rental damage invoice.